Dispute Resolution Serivce

Disputes can arise over who the registrant of a domain name should be and, in certain situations, over ‘sub-domains’ that have been added to an existing domain name.

An overview of the .nz Dispute Resolution Service


Disputes over who should be the registrant

Sometimes there is disagreement about who has the rights to a .nz domain name. The Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) can be used for this kind of dispute.

Disputes over sub-domains

A sub-domain is an extension that is to the left of a domain name. For example, in the domain name anyname.shop.nz, ‘anyname’ is a sub-domain of the domain name ‘shop.nz’. Use of the DRS for sub-domains is limited to situations where the actual domain name used is a generic term – for example shop.nz, toy.nz, cleaner.nz, lawyers.nz, wellington.nz, etc

We have plenty more information available via our Dispute Resolution Service homepage.