Other Complaints

The Domain Name Commission has the mandate to investigate and assist with a number of other domain name related issues, where there is a breach of .nz policy, some of which are listed below:

If you are unsure on if there is a breach of .nz policy, send us an email with as much information as possible to info@dnc.org.nz and we can see if we can assist.

For complaints about .nz Authorised Registrars and resellers (domain name providers)

You should first take your complaint to the .nz Authorised Registrar or reseller concerned.

If you're not happy with how they deal with your complaint, please email DNCL at info@dnc.org.nz with the details of your complaint (including the domain name, registrar / reseller in question).

For complaints about DNCL

Please email complaints@dnc.org.nz with the details of your complaint, or fill out and submit this form.