Compliance Approach

The Domain Name Commission ensures confidence to .nz domain name participants on the accountability and performance of the .nz domain namespace. We achieve this through an annual program of compliance work.

In 2019, the Domain Name Commission engaged Deloitte to conduct a review of the Domain Name Commissions compliance function.

A number of recommendations were made resulting in a refreshed high-level compliance approach with areas of focus.  This approach was introduced and discussed with the Registrar community at the 2019 annual .nz Registrar Conference and subsequently adopted. A copy of the one-page approach will be made available shortly.

This work continues to guide DNCL’s compliance work.

Annual Plan

Each year before 1 May, we will produce an annual plan that sets out our work program for the coming year and the resources we need to deliver the program. Our 2020 Compliance Work Plan is available here

By publishing our forward work plan it allows market participants to see our short to medium-term goals and priorities. It also provides us with opportunities to undertake early engagement with our stakeholders and allows Registrars to make necessary preparations for scheduled compliance work well in advance.

When conducting our compliance work we will be relying on a number of tools and resources, such as auditing of Registrars portfolios, spot checks on data, website scans and requests for information.

These may result in action needed to be taken by the Registrar if compliance with .nz policy is not meet, this may result in sanctions or publishing of information for Registrants on the Domain Name Commission website.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to keep .nz fair for everyone, as well as a safe, trusted and secure place for individuals and their online presence.  We achieve this by ensuring compliance with .nz policy.  

Our philosophy is a prioritization based approach, including on-going education and awareness of .nz policy. We will continue to look to improve and develop the high standards that currently exist.

Compliance Suggestions

We welcome suggestions from registrants and members of the public to identify future topics for our compliance program. Suggestions need to relate to .nz authorised Registrars or .nz registrants activities.

We also look to identify trends that we are made aware of via our enquiries function, as well as looking to our international counterparts to identify trends.