Compliance Philosophy

Compliance Philosophy 

DNCL’s role is to manage and administer the .nz domain name space to protect the rights and interests of those who use it.  A key way of doing this is to ensure all parties, (namely registrars, registrants and the registry) comply with the .nz policy framework and are aware of their obligations.

There are a number of different approaches to ensure adherence to .nz policy including education and awareness tools and training for registrars.  

When issues are identified our first priority is to work with the party involved to get the matter addressed so they comply with the policy. 

This action can arise from either an enquiry being received at, a complaint being made,  or proactively as a result of internal reports we run on different .nz policy aspects.  The desired outcome is always compliance without any punitive action but if the situation warrants it, the Domain Name Commissioner has the ability to impose an appropriate sanction on any non-compliant party.

DNCL’s objective is to maintain the high standards of .nz while striving for continuous improvement.  The health and integrity of the .nz domain name space relies on adherence to our policies and DNCL will ensure that all our actions support that aim.