Individual Registrant Privacy Option

On 28 November 2017  Individual Registrant Privacy Option (also known as IRPO) became available for individual registrants of .nz domain names who are not in significant trade.

This option became mandatory for all .nz Authorised Registrars to provide from 28 March 2018.

This change in the .nz domain name space came about after five rounds of consultation of the .nz WHOIS service relating to what information is collected, and how it is displayed.

You can read about the consultations, and the updates we provided throughout the process via the following link:

You can find more information about IRPO by clicking the links below:

How to Apply

Information about how to apply for IRPO and the .nz policy requirements for the use of IRPO can be found here.

Access to Information

Under the .nz policy, certain entities are allowed access to withheld information. Further details regarding this process can be found in this section.​

​​​​​​Memorandums of Understanding

As part of allowing access to withheld information, the Domain Name Commission will enter into Memorandums of Understanding ("MOU") with entities. A list of these can be found in this section.
Transparency Reporting

The DNCL will publish Transparency reports relating to IRPO.

Reporting Misuse

Information on the reporting of misuse of IRPO can be found in this section.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, please feel free to email, or use our contact form.