.mil.nz - Military organisations of the New Zealand Government

Moderator: Paul Meehan - Email : paul.meehan@nzdf.mil.nz


Full justification of request made to NZDF by application party in accordance with NZDF policy for domain name registration (DFO 101 Chapter 5, Section 8). A copy of the policy is available on the NZDF intranet.

Criteria for judgement of whether name is appropriate:

  • it must not be of a nature that could discredit the NZDF, or the New Zealand Government;
  • it must be relevant to the required function, and must avoid Confusion
  • it must comprise three or more characters; and
  • if including an acronym to represent a department or military unit, they must use the commonly known abbreviation for that unit..

Any new request for 3rd level domain names must first be authorised by the NZDF Chief Information Officer or delegated authority.


The registrar authorised to accept .mil.nz registrations is Liverton Security Group.