Registrar Obligations

The following areas are covered in the agreements and .nz policies. 

The main obligations applicable to all .nz Registrars are as listed below. This is not an exhaustive list, for full obligations registrars are expected to be familiar with all .nz policies and agreements. 

Security and Technical

As a registrar, you must take all practical steps to protect against

  • Technical Failure
  • Breach of Security
  • Disruption to the Register

Registrant support 

  • Only register .nz domains at the direct request of a registrant or for your reseller who is acting on such a request.
  • Supply a UDAI (Unique Domain Authentication ID) to the registrant when asked and for no charge

  • Ensure domain name request are coming from the Registrant Contact Name listed in the .nz Register

  • Do not seek to provide proxy privacy services for .nz domain names. Some registrants are eligible for Individual Registrant Privacy Option (IRPO) and are able to request this of you.

Your Organisation 

  • Inform DNCL before any changes are made to the control or operation of your organisation
  • Registrars need to keep their nominated liaison and contacts up to date with DNCL 
  • Ensure you take responsibility for the actions of your resellers. We recommend that you have an agreement in place with your resellers. 


  • Ensure you comply with and accurately represent all .nz policies at all times.
  • Provide to us promptly upon request all such information as requested to assist us with compliance monitoring and enforcement activities.
  • Assist DNCL with compliance matters involving your registrants. 
  • Arrange for correction of any error in the information in the register about any domain name registered to you when requested.
  • Contact DNCL with any policy questions.