Ref: CON
Title: Registry Connection Process
Date Issued: 19 June 2018
Version: 1.7


This policy is issued by Domain Name Commission Limited (DNC or Domain Name Commission) on behalf of Internet New Zealand Incorporated (InternetNZ)



Registry Connection Process

1. Statement of Purpose

1.1 This policy details the process that Authorised Registrars must follow in order to access the shared registry system (“SRS”), as per the Connection Agreement.

1.2 An Authorised Registrar connection allows complete access and control to the registry to create and administer their domain names.

1.3 Domain Name Commission Ltd (DNCL) must have approved the organisation as an Authorised Registrar before connection will be considered.

1.4 The “Application for Connection to InternetNZ” form (Form CON1, see must be completed by the registrar and returned, plus attachments, to InternetNZ before connection will be considered.

2. Background

2.1 InternetNZ holds the delegation and has the ultimate responsibility within New Zealand for the .nz Domain Name Space. InternetNZ has appointed DNCL to manage and administer the .nz domain name space on behalf of InternetNZ.

2.2 InternetNZ operates the register of .nz domain names and the Domain Name Service (DNS) which are maintained for high availability, accuracy and response times. These are managed and measured against a Service Level Agreement. The registration of domain names and modification of information associated with that name on the register can be effected only by authorised registrars.

3. Instructions

3.1 Visit to view the connection related documents and policies.

3.2 Authorised registrars can make an application for connection by:

  • Completing the form CON1 and all its requirements.
  • Send the completed form, and any attachments to:

PO Box 24361

4. Authorised Registrar Connection Process

4.1 When DNCL has approved the Registrar Authorisation application they will notify InternetNZ.  This will then allow the newly Authorised Registrar to apply using the form CON1 for access to the production system

4.2 Form CON1 requires:

4.2.1 Affirmation that DNCL has approved the organisation as an Authorised Registrar.

4.2.2 Two signed copies of the .nz Connection agreement Account payment details

4.2.3 Agreement that any anomaly that is material to the registry or any other stakeholder is reported to InternetNZ in a timely fashion.

4.2.4 Registrar name, web address, and contact details including Public, SRS, Technical and Billing.

4.3 Once InternetNZ receives the CON1 application they will contact DNCL to ensure that the organisation has been approved as an Authorised Registrar.

4.4 Once InternetNZ has confirmed the details of the Authorised Registrar, InternetNZ will liaise with the technical contact of the Authorised Registrar and connect the Registrar to the SRS Test Platform to allow them to develop their interface with the SRS.

5. Operational Testing and Evaluation Process

5.1 Before InternetNZ grant access to the production systems of the registry, the registrar must demonstrate to InternetNZ

  • their comprehension and understanding of the SRS
  • that their interface with our systems works correctly
  • their ability to execute all the SRS transactions

Detailed technical requirements will be emailed to the technical contact of the Authorised Registrar when they are connected to the Test System. Registrars may be asked to demonstrate that they meet our requirements at any time. If registrars fail to meet these requirements, registrar access to the register may be suspended or terminated at our sole discretion.

5.2 Once InternetNZ is satisfied, InternetNZ will issue the information required to access the production system to the named technical contact and notify DNCL.

6. Termination of Authorised Registrar Access

6.1 Please refer to the Process on De-Authorisation of a Registrar information in the Operations and Procedures policy for details on the process around cancellation of an Authorised Registrar.

7. Termination of Authorised Registrar Access

7.1 If the Chief Executive (CE) believes that the actions or inactions of the Authorised Registrar are causing material impact to the registry and/or other users then the CE has the right to suspend the connection. The CE should make every effort to inform the organisation of the issue(s) and the intent that if it continues then the access could be suspended. If the action, or inaction, continues or the CE is unable to reach the contact name(s) of the Authorised Registrar, then the CE has the right to immediately suspend the access for the Authorised Registrar without further notice. Should the CE suspend access they shall inform the Authorised Registrar and DNC via email immediately afterwards.

7.2 InternetNZ reserves the right to suspend access to the registry system should they feel that an organisation’s actions are degrading the system in an unacceptable manner.

7.3 Once the CE has been satisfied that the Authorised Registrar has addressed the reasons for suspension then the CE will resume access for the Authorised Registrar.

7.4 The Authorised Registrar has the right to appeal to DNC should they wish to have their access reinstated if the connection was suspended by the CE. DNC will make every effort to review the appeal as quickly as possible.

8. General Information

8.1 Any questions regarding this document can be emailed to

8.2 Registrars MUST NOT perform any testing on the Production SRS system. The Test system is a copy of the Production system and the Test system MUST be used for any registrar testing.