If you wish to perform a Change of Registrant please contact your domain name provider, if you are unsure who this is, please email with your name, and the domain name in question.

Please complete this form electronically and return to (details to insert):


1. I ____________________ the current registrant of ____________________ (domain name), and I ____________________ (full name), the prospective registrant, have entered into an agreement to change the registrant details for the above domain name.

2. The contact details for the prospective registrant are:

Prospective Registrant: ____________________

Contact Name: ____________________

Phone: ____________________

Fax: ____________________

Email: ____________________

Address: ____________________

3. Please read the following statements and sign in confirmation at the bottom of the page.

a) I, the current registrant, confirm that I am authorised to action a change of registrant for this domain.

b) I, the current registrant, agree to release (details to insert) from any further obligation to itself after the completion of the change of registrant processes.

c) I, the prospective registrant, confirm that I have requested the change of registrant, and that I have read and accepted all relevant terms of service set out in the registrant's agreements.

d) I, the prospective registrant, agree to indemnify (details to insert), their agents, officers, and employees for any costs, losses, or liabilities incurred in the reasonable performance of their duties in processing this request, or in dealing with claims arising from the allocation or use of the name.

e) I, the prospective registrant, declare that there is no reason why the change of registrant request should not be actioned.

f) I, the prospective registrant, agree to allow (details to insert) to seek further proof of identity, or evidence of my ability, to meet the conditions for holding a domain name.

On behalf of current registrant:

____________________ (Name)

____________________ (Signed)

____________________ (Date)


On behalf of prospective registrant:

____________________ (Name)

____________________ (Signed)

____________________ (Date)

Please note that this form is a template for Registrars, if you wish to perform a change of registrant please contact your domain name provider.