This form is issued by Domain Name Commission Limited (DNC or Domain Name Commission) on behalf of Internet New Zealand Incorporated (InternetNZ).


Please complete this form electronically, then print, sign, and return to The Domain Name Commission, at:

Domain Name Commission Limited
P O Box 11881
Wellington 6142
New Zealand

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1. Name of Organsiation:

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3. Name of contact person:

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5. Date of birth

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11. Email address:

12. Evidence as to the applicant's identity and contact details (for example, a photocopy of a driver's licence) and, where appropriate, evidence as to the applicant's authority to apply for a search on behalf of a company (for example, written authorisation signed by a director of the relevant company);

Please describe the evidence that you are enclosing here, then attach to the hard copy of this form.

13. Search criteria requested

Declarations - please tick the following boxes, and sign your declaration below.

 I declare that the information is for the purposes as defined in the .nz policies only;

 I confirm that the information gained from this search will not be misused;

 I confirm that I am requesting this search to confirm domain names for which I am the registrant;


  I have been authorised to make this search request on behalf of a client




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