How to

To help assist those in the .nz domain name space, we have developed a number of 'How to' guides and information. These guides cover a number of different topics. We are always looking for suggestions on additions to this list, so let us know if you have any.

How to check your UDAI

So registrants are able to validate the UDAI that they have the received, the Domain Name Commission has developed a tool which allows registrants to do.

How to register a self-conflicted domain name

As part of the conflicted name process, some .nz registrants are in conflict with themselves. This guides provides steps for registrants to be able to register self-conflicted domain names.

How to lodge .nz Dispute Resolution Service Complaint (DRS)

The Domain Name Commission adminsters the DRS, if you want to dispute the registration of a domain name, we recommend checking out all the DRS resources.

How to apply for the Individual Registrant Privacy Option (IRPO)

The DNC has recently introduced the IRPO, more information on who is eligible, and how to apply, we recommend reading through the information we have available.