The Commission

Published on 27 Aug 2013

The Domain Name Commission was appointed by InternetNZ to develop and monitor a competitive registrar market, as well as create a fair environment for the registration and management of .nz domain names.

Information on this appointment is outlined in the .nz TLD principles

Our role includes:

We assist with:

  • enquiries and complaints about registrars and their compliance with .nz policies
  • incorrect domain name registration information
  • disputes over who should be the registrant of a .nz domain name.

Any complaint about the management of a domain name should first be taken up with the domain name provider and then the .nz Authorised Registrar. If the .nz Authorised Registrar doesn’t resolve your issue, further information about making a complaint is available.

We may refer enquires to other organisations when:

  • they involve issues concerning a website’s content 
  • relate to the illegal or malicious use of a domain name (e.g. spam, phishing, or possible breaches of New Zealand legislation). 
  • they are better handled by a tribunal or court or
  • we do not have the jurisdiction to handle complaints

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