Our Approach

DNCL Strategy


To be a fair, independent and accessible self-regulator who provides trusted oversight of the .nz domain name space and an excellent dispute resolution service and has produced our Strategy for 2019 -2021


There are a number of different approaches to ensure compliance with .nz policies including awareness, education and sanctions.

Our objective is always to ensure confidence in the .nz domain name space whilst striving for continuous improvement. 

We perform a number of very different functions ranging from market fairness, compliance, authorisation and deauthorisation of .nz  Authorised Registrars, enquiry and complaint management and administration of a dispute resolution scheme.

Working with Others

As part of our multi-stakeholder approach, the Domain Name Commission enters into Memorandums of Understanding ("MOUs') with a number of different types of entities. If you interested to see who, check out our current list.

The DNCL interacts with stakeholders in many different contexts and for a variety of purposes. Our engagement with the broader local internet community can be regular and formal, or ad hoc and informal. 

.nz Policies and Consultations

The .nz domain name space is governed by .nz policies. All participants in the .nz domain name space are required to comply with all .nz policies. nz domain name policy is determined by an open, multi-stakeholder consultation process. This ensures transparency in line with the .nz TLD principles.